December is the month of Seasons of the Soul

Sunday Service

December 6

We Are Born in Purity and Innocence

Word: Innocence

Soul-Spirit Band with Whitney Shay

Word of the week


Dec.6-Innocence -To enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become like little children. This means we always retain our awe and wonder about the sacred majesty of Life. We retain our innocence. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how…Read More

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Talk-Music Schedule – November And December

Talk-Music Schedule – November and December

December 6 We Are Born in Purity and Innocence Word: Innocence Soul-Spirit Band with Whitney Shay   December 13 We…

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Spiritual Ideas To Change Your Life-November-The Grateful Heart

Spiritual Ideas to Change Your Life-November-The Grateful Heart

The secret of a happy, fulfilled and prosperous life is to approach each day with gratitude. First thing in the…

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Candidating For New Minister

Candidating for New Minister

Dr. Tom and Dr. Gisela are retiring from active ministry as of December 27, 2015. On that date, Dr. Tom…

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What Makes One Heart One Mind Unique

One Heart One Mind is a life-changing spiritual center. We are not a religious center. We do not have creeds or dogma.
We believe in One Divine Creating and Sustaining Presence. This Presence is within us, providing wisdom, clarity and direction. We believe each person can directly contact and have a personal relationship with this Divine Presence.
We believe that Love is the motivating and creative power of the universe. We live in harmony, grace and ease when we come from this Love.
We believe that ultimate spiritual authority rests in the individual not in an institution, holy book or holy person.
We believe there is no one true religion.-All spiritual paths contain spiritual truth and each of us must find the truth in our own way.
We believe in victorious life, not victim consciousness. We provide spiritual tools which allow each of us to live a fulfilled and transformed life now.
We believe that destiny is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. We are creating our destiny, day by day through our conscious choices.
We believe in original blessing and goodness of all people. No one is born in sin. All have been blessed by the Goodness of our Universal Creator.
We believe that consciousness is all there is. Heaven is a state of consciousness, not a place and we can learn to flow in this consciousness of peace and harmony.
We believe in vibrant health and abundant prosperity for all people. By focusing on the positive and the good we live from our natural state of health and prosperity.
We believe that immortality is now; there is no death, only the continuing rebirth of the immortal soul.
As we come together in spiritual community, our innate qualities of goodness, compassion, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness fully manifest helping to usher in the peace on earth that was promised from the beginning of the world.

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