Immortality means perpetual life. This life we live is but a parenthesis in the eternal journey of the soul. Immortality means we have a soul which is the container of continuity which transports our true self from lifetime to lifetime.

We believe in the immortality and the eternality of the individual soul, forever and ever expanding. What we call death is but a transition from one plane or one mode of expression into another.

Immortality means that we shall persist after the experience of physical death, retaining a full recognition of ourselves and the ability to recognize others…. There is no human and Divine, no mortal and Immortal. There is, rather, Immortality expressing Itself in time, and Divinity mani­festing Itself through the activity of each of us.” E. Holmes

I am an immortal spiritual being now and always.

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Divine Love, flowing through me, blesses and increases all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive. I do give Thanks that this is so. And so it is!

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